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At The Glass Act, we provide a wide array of services for residential and commercial clients in the Kansas City Metro area. In recent years, glass has become a highly popular component in architecture, both in homes and business settings. Whether in a prestigious home in one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the area, traditional homes, industrial, retail, business office, or other commercial setting, the various types of glass available today make it possible to add visual appeal and interest, without compromising safety or energy efficiency.


From tempered, laminated, flat, and wired glass to security, tinted, flat, Plexiglass and beveled, the huge selection of glass types make it possible to complete all kinds of projects for residential and commercial customers, from simple projects such as glass table tops to more complex projects including storefront glass windows, glass railings, and frameless shower glass.


In a residential setting, neglect to have your glass repaired can result in insect infestations, mold, wood rot, and other issues. Considering the rain, snow, and ice common during various seasons in the Kansas City area, moisture in window sills can lead to wood rot. This can lead to even more serious problems such as carpenter ants, who love moist areas. Broken glass in larger windows or glass walls can also result in structural damage, so it is important to seek out skilled glass repair professionals right away for repair or replacement.

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