Custom Glass for Home Owners

Whether you are a Kansas City homeowner who is building a custom home, or you simply want to renovate certain aspects of your home, there is nothing like custom glass to give your home a customized look. In addition, you may have a repair that needs to be made immediately to a window or other glass item. At The Glass Act, we do it all from glass shelves and table tops to custom mirrors, glass walls, glass shower doors, insulated glass, cabinet glass, and more.


Many homeowners aren’t aware of all of the possibilities available in custom glass today. For instance, maybe you have a bathroom that could use an update to give it a fresh new look. A glass backsplash not only adds beauty to your bath, but makes it easier to clean as well – all you need is a damp sponge or dishcloth! Great for behind the kitchen sink and stove, too, considering that glass backsplashes are resistant to heat.


The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your home, not only by your family members but guests as well. Have you ever considered a custom glass sink basin or vanity to reflect your great taste in decor? Considering the huge array of color choices available, it’s possible to fashion an amazing bath from glass with colors that complement and coordinate with your color scheme.


Along the bathroom lines, a glass shower door is another way to create a beautiful, relaxing sanctuary. You may not consider your bath a sanctuary right now, but with the right appointments it can be the most relaxing room in your home! After a hard day’s work, close the door, run a bubble bath, light a candle, enjoy a glass of wine – all while surrounded by the exquisite beauty only custom glass can provide. Or, take a nice hot shower if you prefer it over a bath. Either way, you enjoy privacy and a little time to yourself in a relaxing, soothing environment.


Is the kitchen the most highly trafficked room in your Kansas City home? Custom glass counter tops give your kitchen a luxurious designer look that will remind you of those pictures you’ve seen in home design magazines. With few seams and a durable finish for even the busiest cook, glass counter tops are amazing in looks, and even more amazing when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Why work harder than you have to in a kitchen that will be the envy of the neighbors?


Glass kitchen islands, custom cabinet glass, beautiful mirrors and artwork, a glass table top for your dining room or living room table – why limit what you can do to make your home your own? At The Glass Act, we bring endless possibilities to life, making it easier than ever before to transform your spaces to anything but ordinary. Call us today for all of your custom glass needs!


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