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Today's Architecture - Trends in Residential Glass

Nov, 13, 2014

There was a time when glass was not used in constructing residential homes, other than regular size windows and perhaps a skylight. Today, things have changed dramatically! Kansas City homeowners now desire wide, open spaces that integrate their indoor and outdoor spaces, making them almost as one....Read more

Types of Glass in Building and Commercial Settings

Nov, 13, 2014

Glass has become one of the most popular materials or elements in commercial buildings today for a number of reasons, including security and increased productivity in workers, as well as visual appeal and aesthetics. At The Glass Act, we know that as a builder, architect, or business owner in the...Read more

Trends in Commercial Glass

Nov, 13, 2014

Remember commercial glass used in architecture in the 80's, most of it resembling mirrors? Today, things have changed tremendously. More and more businesses in Kansas City and throughout the country are using glass to complement design and purpose, and with features such as glare control and vastly...Read more

Custom Glass for Home Owners

Nov, 13, 2014

Whether you are a Kansas City homeowner who is building a custom home, or you simply want to renovate certain aspects of your home, there is nothing like custom glass to give your home a customized look. In addition, you may have a repair that needs to be made immediately to a window or other glass...Read more

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