Trends in Commercial Glass

Remember commercial glass used in architecture in the 80’s, most of it resembling mirrors? Today, things have changed tremendously. More and more businesses in Kansas City and throughout the country are using glass to complement design and purpose, and with features such as glare control and vastly improved energy performance, it’s no wonder companies are choosing commercial glass. Here are a few of the most recent trends in this building and design element.


Many companies today choose commercial glass for ‘daylighting’ purposes, which is all about having just the right amount of light in a building, not necessarily as much light as you can get. Whether or not daylighting is right for a particular business or industry depends on several factors, including what the space is used for, building type, interior reflectance, and the lighting control type used, among others. It has been shown that daylighting actually reduces energy usage, because it cuts down on the need for excess lighting. Other benefits of daylighting with commercial glass include:


  • In hospital settings, a 22% reduced development of delirium or “hospital psychosis” in post-op surgical patients
  • Improved sleep, reduced depression
  • Decrease in turnover of office workers
  • Increased rental rates, real estate value, and retail sales
  • Decrease in the number of days office workers miss work


Another trend in commercial glass includes improvements in laminated glass, which improves the performance of commercial buildings in certain settings. Laminated glass is exceptional when you need acoustic optimization, and is perfect in applications such as zoos or aquariums, or buildings with overhead or sloped glazing. Today, this type of glass makes buildings more earthquake resistant, bullet, blast, and impact resistant, and improves the safety and security of a building.


Today, commercial glass in aesthetics and design is all about bigger and larger, particularly in lobbies and entrances. Decorative glass is also hugely popular, and is durable under thermal stress, used in daylighting applications, or to diffuse or scatter light. Decorative glass can also be printed, and is bird friendly while allowing for solar heat, depending on the materials you choose for your application.


Every type of glass has its own benefits not only on the indoor environment and energy costs, but on workers, patients, the design of the workplace, and enhancing the office decor and exterior environment. Businesses located in the heart of the Kansas City metro area where most days are a flurry of activity and noise may appreciate the application of double-glazed glass to prevent the intrusion of noise on your busy days.


Ultimately, using commercial glass in the design or architect of your business, whether in retrofitting or construction, can transform drab surroundings to spaces that are invigorating and motivating, without soaring electricity bills. Because today’s trends in commercial glass can enhance lighting, acoustics, thermal performance, and even the safety/security of your business, it may be something you want to consider. Call The Glass Act today, and let us help you “lighten up” your work space!

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