Today’s Architecture – Trends in Residential Glass

There was a time when glass was not used in constructing residential homes, other than regular size windows and perhaps a skylight. Today, things have changed dramatically! Kansas City homeowners now desire wide, open spaces that integrate their indoor and outdoor spaces, making them almost as one. No longer are kitchens “hidden” behind walls from guests or neighbors, as the kitchen/dining areas have become the hub of the home for many people. This is where life happens, kids do their homework, parents host guests to enjoy a glass of wine, play cards, or just visit. What are the latest trends in residential glass? Here are a few you may be interested in if you’re building a new home, or would like to renovate your existing home.


Frameless showers are ideal for those who enjoy a minimalist look. With no frame to interrupt the line, the look is clean and seamless. The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the house, so why not make yours distinctive and beautiful? Various types of glass also provide for a certain level of privacy for those who desire it.


Custom glass windows are huge in architectural design today. Many homeowners have unique windows that begin near the floor and go nearly to the ceiling, allowing family members to enjoy beautiful, sunny days to the fullest. There is nothing like natural light to brighten up a home, and your mood! Studies have proven that exposure to natural light helps improve symptoms of depression and other conditions, but sunlight flowing through your home helps bring out the best in all of us. Doesn’t a room filled with natural light sound much more inviting than a dark, dreary room? Most homeowners today answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”


Years ago the types of glass available were limited. Most homeowners preferred regular size windows, and used blinds, drapes, shades, or other methods to keep the sunshine out. Why? Because the sun could fade carpeting, furnishings, and other materials over time. Add to that the fact that too many windows could result in a home that was too warm in summer months, and too cold in winter months, and windows just weren’t a priority. How things have changed! Today’s custom glass windows can be cut to the exact size/dimension you need, and are crafted of materials that provide protection against UV rays while providing security for your home. Certain types are extremely secure, even against fire or bullets. Even if you have glass that runs floor to ceiling, you never have to feel like you are exposed.


Speaking of floor to ceiling glass, many homeowners are choosing to build homes using glass walls and partitions. Imagine if your living area flowed seamlessly to the deck, outdoor kitchen, or garden area? Glass walls make it possible to bring the outdoors in, and integrate your outdoor spaces and indoor spaces in a way that is uninterrupted. Why hide a beautiful backyard behind a solid wall, when you can enjoy the scenery without leaving the room?


Glass table tops for the kitchen and living room tables, glass cabinets, glass entry doors, and beveled glass overlays. When it comes to today’s homes, residential glass is as ordinary a building component as lumber, insulation, and flooring! If you are building a home or are renovating your existing Kansas City home, trust The Glass Act to for all of your window, door, cabinet, shower, and other glass needs.

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