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About The Glass Act

At The Glass Act, we provide a wide array of services for residential and commercial clients in the Kansas City Metro area. In recent years, glass has become a highly popular component in architecture, both in homes and business settings. Whether in a prestigious home in one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the area, traditional homes, industrial, retail, business office, or other commercial setting, the various types of glass available today make it possible to add visual appeal and interest, without compromising safety or energy efficiency.

From tempered, laminated, flat, and wired glass to security, tinted, flat, Plexiglass and beveled, the huge selection of glass types make it possible to complete all kinds of projects for residential and commercial customers, from simple projects such as glass table tops to more complex projects including storefront glass windows, glass railings, and frameless shower glass.

In a residential setting, neglect to have your glass repaired can result in insect infestations, mold, wood rot, and other issues. Considering the rain, snow, and ice common during various seasons in the Kansas City area, moisture in window sills can lead to wood rot. This can lead to even more serious problems such as carpenter ants, who love moist areas. Broken glass in larger windows or glass walls can also result in structural damage, so it is important to seek out skilled glass repair professionals right away for repair or replacement.


Commercial & Custom Glass

Think of all the businesses you see today in larger cities that consist of large amounts of glass, even in exterior walls. The look is rich and professional, and becoming more popular than ever. As a business or property owner, you may be hesitant to incorporate glass walls into your work environment because of energy concerns or security reasons. Today’s commercial glass options make it possible for you to enjoy a more productive work force and an environment providing more natural light, while knowing that your staff is safe and secure, and energy costs will not skyrocket. Glass skylights, automatic doors, storefront glass windows, glass railings – make your work spaces inviting, comfortable, and appealing to both your staff and potential clients.


At The Glass Act, we also specialize in custom glass for Kansas City home and business owners. We know that every home and every business is different in terms of size, shape, and architecture. While one person may have a Victorian home, another enjoys a country or ranch style home. Today, most residences or commercial buildings are not square or rectangular in shape; structures may be multi-level, triangular shaped, round, octagon shaped, L-shaped, or any combination of shapes. Creating interest with unique design has become important, so having the ability to create custom glass pieces is also critical. Whether you need a window, table top, door, or other piece customized for your home or business, we can handle it!


Residential Glass

In residential homes, many homeowners enjoy the possibilities glass affords, including table tops for the kitchen or living room, skylights, detailed windows in all shapes and sizes, shower enclosures, wall partitions, and more. Because glass is so versatile and available in many colors, thicknesses, and more, the possibilities are nearly endless! Whether you are a homeowner who enjoys a minimalist look or you love elegant, intricate surroundings, glass can be incorporated into many areas of your home by our glass installation experts.


Glass Installation & Repair

At The Glass Act, all things glass are our business. When you need glass repair, our expert professionals will work quickly to repair any cracks or chips in windows, doors, or other glass items. While most glass components can be repaired, others have to be replaced, depending on the extent of the damage. Simply call us when you have a broken window, door, skylight, wall partition, or other glass that has been damaged due to bad weather, an accident, break-in, or other conditions. It is important that glass repair is made as soon as possible, as this can help prevent further damage in some cases.

From door glazing, residential glass entry doors, beveled glass overlays and glass cabinets to table tops, commercial glass doors, wall partitions, and glass railings, The Glass Act is the company Kansas City residential and commercial customers can rely on for outstanding products, service, and craftsmanship. From crafting exquisite products and glass installation to repairs or replacement of your existing windows, doors, storefront glass or other glass, this is our business – it is what we do! When you are in need of residential, commercial, or custom glass solutions, count on our team of professionals.


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